Anton Liebenberg

My name is Anton Liebenberg, I was born in Pretoria in 1973. I always had a passion for the creative side in me. Even in primary school I started drawing drawings of cartoon characters.

I went to Afrikaans Boys High and had art as a subject from grade 8 till grade 12. I had my first encounter with painting in grade 10, as we had a landscape subject in school, right there and then I noticed my favourite subject is landscapes.

After school attended a few designing courses and ended up in the corporate world as a structural and interior designer for a very famous retail brand. Even through my career I still painted as a hobby and sold pieces to the public.

Today I am a full-time fine art artist 45 years later, and just love to play with colours so that each painting just comes alive in-front of me. My material I used are from photos I took myself or I compile 2 to 3 photos together to make one picture. I also have permission from various professional photographers which send me photos of they work from the Karoo and Western Cape landscape.

I will show you my world through each brushstroke. I currently paint for John West Art galleries who is also my agent to whom I supply directly my art.

Please see some of my work which has been sold through the years.

Previously Sold Work
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