Bernice Lemmer

Professional Visual Artist: Bernice Lemmer

Bernice is a successful and talented visual artist, with extensive experience in creating any kind of Art or crafts. Having the advantage of growing up in a very creative and artistic family, she developed her passion for art at an early age and started sketching and painting at the age of 11. She was also blessed to have had the privilege to explore her creative talents through training in ballet for many years. Her family has always supported her talents and this has motivated her to start a professional career in the arts.

Art Educations: Visual & Fine Arts at Open Windows Art Academy, 1998-1999

Bernice now specializes in the following themes:

Commission & Commercial Artworks:

Landscapes Fantasy Art Decorative Art Modern/ Abstract Contemporary Art Portraits of all kinds Flowers & still lifes Large Scale Canvas Art Tromp l’oeil / 3D murals Children room walls & murals


“The 3 Graces” Exhibition of 3 Generations – Daughter-Mother-Grandmother 2005 at Private gallery in Moreletapark Irene Village Market 2004-2005 and 2016-2017 Decorex 2010 Pretoria Skou 2010 & Life painting with well-known artists At Botha, Lute Vink and Andre Vorster for Pretorius Art Dealers Aardklop 2010 & Life painting with well-known artists At Botha, Lute Vink and Andre Vorster for Pretorius Art Dealers


Spar Let’s Live Coaching Unlimited Events Organ and Donor people** at Hospital Swimquest Swimming School Groentjie Swimming School Dr Tooth Little And many private homes John West Art Galleries

Travels: Bernice’s Art has traveled across quite a few borders and is now beautifying homes around the world in Australia, New-Zealand, Switzerland and France Galleries currently stock: Bernice mainly does Commission and Tailormade art & murals and therefore does not have stock out in galleries

Medium preference: Bernice uses various types of mediums including pencil, charcoal, mixed media… she mainly works in acrylics, yet the most favourite medium of all is still oil paints!

Style and preference: Bernice mainly works in detail, due to most of her clients’ requests, yet preference and most favourite styles are loose, expressionistic with a contemporary feel to it

Inspiration draw from: Most of her inspiration she draws from being peaceful and centered and appreciating the beauty of Nature. The biggest inspiration of all… the glorious and magnificent omniprence of the Holy Spirit

Other artists admired: The Old Masters has laid the foundation for us all and Bernice honours them in each brush stroke she paints. Of her favourite Old Masters are Botticelli, Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Raphael, Manet, Van Gogh, Monet,Cezanne, Klimt, Gauguin, Dali to name but a few And then of course the current talented Contemporary Artists alive and successful: Lionel Smit, Anton Smit, Johan van Graan, Dimitri Milan, Solly Smook, Akiane Kramarik and many beautiful art seen on Pinterest.

Other interests and creative activities: She loves working with women and people in search to awaken the artist within and facilitates Creative Development Workshops and Retreats, using life coaching, art as therapy and yoga to inspire and motivate those attending

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