Jana Du Toit

Born in 1945 in Moreesburg, Western Cape. Jana is one of South Africa’s favourate self taught artists. Her pervasive designs and Autumn colours changes any room into a work of art. At age 72, she is on the verge of acclaiming old master status with a saught-after range of choice investment pieces. The perfect combination of value and popularity ensures her 35 year carreer as one of the fastest selling artists in the world will place an ever higher demand on her paintings in the future. The canvas comes alive with living colours while the stroke of the brush dances through a vibrant wonderland that captures the imagination of any art collector. The finest pigmentation in Acrylic and Oil paints are used to creatively texture out every fold into a rolling cascade of perfect contrasts and enthusiastic abstracts. The artist’s impression calls depth unto depth in every sketch, landscape, or flowery boque. She draws the beholder’s interpretation towards her atmospheric masterpieces, only to contrast it with a certain uncertainty of the message hidden within the artists heart.

Jana du Toit is a true artist since childhood, the likes of which the world may never know again.

Previously Sold Work
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