Jean Abrie

Jean Abrie, South African Artist. Profile of the artist: The Southern African wilderness has been the subject of Jean’s work since his career started more than 30 years ago. His love for the African continent, its people and wildlife, developed early where he spent many years in different countries on the sub-continent. He later completed his studies at the University of Pretoria. Based in Pretoria, South Africa, he travels extensively throughout the African continent to photograph and gain intimate knowlege of his subject and considers precision and detail to be one of the most important ingredients in realistic paintings. He believes that “there should never be a point where you feel you know enough about painting your subject, as every choice of subject humbles the artist every day about how much there is to know about it”. His wildlife paintings have been included and exhibited in private, group and individual exhibitions in different genres in major cities like London, New York, Hong Kong, Charleston, Seattle, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples (FL.), Orlando.

His work is also collected by international companies and collectors as well as local collectors in South Africa. He also took part in many of the most important an largest wildlife art shows in the US like the Pacific Rim Wildlife Art show in Seattle, the Safari Club International Show in Reno, Nevada and the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, South Carolina.He also took part in fund raising projects at US galleries for the Jane Goodall Institute, all with some of the leading artists in the field of wildlife art. He also enjoys switching his subject to painting the modern female figure in a modern contemporary style with some influences of the classic painting style. In this regard, he is influenced by the many classic and modern masters of the subject. They show soft romantic figures in modern and classic surroundings that represent beautiful moments even in our rushed modern daily life with broader brushwork and bolder colours. He captures these fleeting moments of women reading, writing and sometimes just day dreaming or in deep thought. These works are widely collected by international and local collectors.

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