Petro Neal

In her life-time love for art eventually resulted in her enrolling at Pieter Millard Art School. Her love for art led her further afield when she participated in a sculpturing course with Charles Gothard. The two mediums complimented one another perfectly and further entrenched her talent as an artist. She also did an advanced course in painting with Mimi van der Merwe at Tait Modern, “Old Masters’ painting techniques” with Elizabeth Riding and is currently engaged with Andre Naude (well known artist in South-Africa). Petro is an impressionist and although her subjects are diverse, she has a passion for flowers and children. Her work is colourful, bold, fresh and unique. She paints with oils and acrylics. In 2002 she held her first solo exhibition, thereafter she participated in various group exhibitions as well as the new signatures at Alice art in 2009/10. She has fulfilled many commissions, including the Ambassador of Algeria. Her paintings have traveled as far afield as Japan, England, Europe, Canada and Australia. Being a devout Christian, Petro believes that God has a purpose for her as an artist, and enstills the belief that her paintings will be a blessing to whoever owns them, wherever they may be displayed.

Previously Sold Work
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