Pieter van Heerden

I was born and raised in Gauteng, South Africa. After completing my military service, I entered the business world, and a few years later I studied theology. At the age of approximately 40, I painted on canvas for the first time. Immediately this new hobby inspired me to master the art of painting. Lots of time was spent on private art classes and after 6 years of doing art as a hobby, I started painting professionally in 2000.

In the early stages as an artist my family had to adjust our new lifestyle. If I was going to be a professional artist, we had to plan our budget and cut expenses to the maximum to be able to survive. We had to move to a farming area where we were able to get cheaper accommodation. It was not easy in the beginning but also a big relief to have so little expenses.

On the farm I could give all my attention to my art. Well known artists became my friends, from whom I’ve received a lot of encouragement, advise and ideas to help improve my work. Every day was spent painting and trying different painting techniques.

A few years later my name was known in the industry and sales increased. I’ve approached the local as well as the international market via the internet, and that helped me to expand my clientele. Now I have paintings in private collections in Europe, America, and Australia, as well as South Africa of course.

Greetings. Pieter van Heerden.

Previously Sold Work
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