Stan Polson

Stan Polson was born in 1971…(a good cultivar), growing up with parents that love life…and everything it has to offer.Stan discovered his love of art and creating at the young age of 4 ,rather drawing than playing outside…..although a fair amount of that was included.At sixteen years of age he enters a Art competition and walks away with a gold medal of distinction, competing with only a pencil and paper where others were already working in oils. At 19 he wants to study art but financial constraints hinder him from following his dream.He spends the next 12 years working in the motorglass industry and at 30 buys a sketchbook for the 1st time in 12 years.Supplying local art galleries in Rustenburg at the time , Stan sells a couple and on his 31st birthday receives acrylic paints and canvas as a gift!a New era opens and in 2004 he moves to Pretoria ,where he still resides,with his wife and two children. Stan is an accomplished landscape painter in oil and acrylics and tackles numerous other media with equal vigour. Favourite artists include Monet , Adriaan Boshoff ,Anton Benson and Ryan Loubser-a good friend.

Previously Sold Work
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